Bigger than us.

I am student teaching this semester for about 100 crazy, wonderful high school Spanish students. I hope I’m teaching them something, but I know that they are teaching me each and every day. One huge example: I cannot control everything.

This Friday was the beginning of our spring break, but as I was driving towards Franklin for a relaxing few days at home, I found myself frantically trying to respond to a situation that had popped up in one of my classes that morning. I was sick. Why didn’t I do more? Why didn’t I do something quicker? What is wrong with me?

As I set in my car with the weight of the world crashing down on my very incapable shoulders, I got a text from my cooperating teacher that said, “We both know this is something way bigger than us.”

…….Boom. Yet again, I was wanting to save the world. Yet again, I was devastated to find myself in a situation that I could not save. It was bigger than me…but it wasn’t bigger than God.

It’s surprising how quick I can assign myself the role of “savior.” Maybe it seems noble or something, but at the end of the day it’s me saying that I can do it on my own. It’s saying that my 22 year old self can do more good than the Almighty God. News flash people, it doesn’t work that way. Why? Because people don’t save people. Jesus saves people. 

When we take it as our responsibility to fix every problem, we are doing two things. (1) We are taking on burdens that are way to big for us. We will not be able to handle them. (2) We are keeping Jesus from making lasting change in his people. When we are the savior, the victim sees us. When we are the tool and Jesus is the savior, then they see Jesus. Lasting change. True salvation. It really is the better outcome.

So friends. Dare to walk alongside someone in the hard times and choose to help them carry the burden.  But don’t forget to pray. Don’t forget to trust a God with so much more love and power than we can ever imagine. Let him be the savior, because some things are too big for us to save.